• Meet Our Executive Team

    Our multi-state team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works all throughout California assisting youth in life skills, education and basketball development. From classrooms and basketball courts to corporate boardrooms, we're committed to supporting our youth, community, and sponsors.

    Coach La Ti

    PIF Foundation Founder & President

    PIF Foundation Chairperson of Board and general manager. Designs national expansion plan and oversees program evaluation duties.


    "I am a part of The Pass It Forward Foundation to upkeep the vision of uplifting and encouraging young competitive girls through the art of Basketball." 

    Shawn Wallace

    PIF Foundation Co-Founder & Director of Operations

    PIF Foundation Board member. Coordinates between the different departments of PIF Foundation and PIF LA. Delegates task between PIF staff and volunteers.

    Coach Halo

    PIF L.A Trainer

    Pass It Forward L.A Boys Trainer. Trains, manages, and assist with the coaching of our PIF L.A boys program.

    Coach Justin

    PIF L.A Head Coach

    Pass It Forward L.A Head Coach. Manages PIF L.A Boy Teams.

    Floyd Crowley

    PIF L.A Director of Operations

    PIF L.A general manager. Coordinates between the different departments of PIF L.A and PIF Foundation. Oversees registration of athletes. Delegates task between PIF L.A Coaching staff and volunteers.

    Jeffery Wallace

    PIF Foundation Board Of Director

    LaToya Dawson

    PIF Foundation Secretary 

    PIF Foundation Signing Officer and custodian of records. Responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet
    legal requirements for PIF Foundation to operate effectively.

    Justin McCarthy

    PIF Board Member

    Just-In-Tyme CEO and

    PIF Board Member


    Andy Perry

    PIF Board Member

    Hoop N Rite CEO and

    PIF LA Implementation Coach. PIF Board Member


    Leonard Crawford Avery

    PIF L.A Grad Trainer

    Assist coaches with practice and training of PIF LA athletes.

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